Forest Online Nursery Information System

Track & manage forest resources for nursery management and marketing of plants

  • Client- Himachal Pradesh Forest Department
  • Industry- Government
  • Project Duration- 6 months
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About FONIS:

The FONIS delivers a two-fold objective- nursery management for forest officials and selling of plants to customers. The key intent is to keep an inventory of registered herbal industries, plants, and herbs for easy access and identification.

The forest resources in Himachal Pradesh are rich in diversity and known for their grandeur. Out of a total of 45,000 species in India, as many as 3,295 species (7.32) are found in the state. The website allows secure access to forest officials for the management of these species. Plus the management of distinct vegetational plants of Mixed Deciduous Forests, Bamboo, Chil, Oaks, Deodar, Kail, Fir, and Spruce.

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Our Involvement

The nursery department lacks a proper method of keeping the forest resources organized. Finding which plant is in stock and needs care was not up-to-date and inconsistent. It is because the way of recording plants was outdated. electronic Product & Claim Approval Application System

We decided to build a website for authorized officials with different login access. Our focus was on bringing all the existing data to the digital platform and creating forms for the new addition of plants. These forms auto-fetch data for most categories, while some require manual typing. It is easy to understand, but we have provided a user manual for each section in case of any guidance.

FONIS is an online platform for the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department to keep track of plant species for biodiversity conservation. It also procures the requirements of herbal and medicinal plants by the people in the state.

Approach, Methodology & Outcomes

Project Challenges

  • The traditional method followed for recordkeeping
  • Vast forest resources were not organized
  • Mismanagement among forest officials
  • Outdated inventory and no marketing of medicinal plants

Our Solutions

  • Interlinking of all nurseries of the state
  • Sorting of vast nursery resources via district-name and species-name
  • Mismanagement among forest officials
  • Separate forms were created for the addition of plants in the nursery
  • Geo-tagging of all district nurseries of the state
  • The demand for herbal plants and medicinal herbs is now met
  • Mandatory to download and register the app for purchasing plants
  • Keeping all registered user information for correct delivery and faster checkout
  • Backend to build an engaging shopping experience

Benefits of the app

  • Easy access and identification of the valuable resources
  • Knowledge repository of plants species, customer demand, and other resources
  • Save time and energy in identifying plants
  • Reach wider customers interested in buying plants from the Government
  • Remove the middlemen from government and people
  • Make better decisions with species and district wise search
  • A way forward toward the Digital India Program
  • Easy placement of order with a mini cart

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