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  • Client- Janta Choupal
  • Industry- Social Media
  • Project Duration- 6 months
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About Janta Choupal

Janta Choupal is a new age equal opportunity social media platform. It connects people with their local ecosystem to bring a positive change to society. Users of specific geographic locations can report social issues/views through text, photos, or video. It acts as a communication platform for actual voters/electors, public administrators, leaders, and representatives. Plus, a registered users can get paid for posting genuine J-pulse, news, and issues.

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Our Involvement

The project required us to develop a social media application that connects people at the very local level. Through this app, users of particular geographic locations can report social issues, respond to social media posts, and have a discussion that can create a positive impact. We took several meetings to understand the client's vision of the product. Regularly, our team to the client to improve the UX of the app and exciting features.

The technology for the Backend is ASP.NET MVC. The Android application is in Java with Firebase integration and Paytm gateway. It has an inbuilt wallet system where users can earn money from the information and news of relevance about local events. There are three kinds of posts- 1) an unedited video interview of people called J-pulse can be seen in the "Survey" section of the app. 2) News that is of local significance. 3) Issues, any local problem which is a matter of public concern.

Approach, Methodology & Outcomes

Project Challenges

  • Registration that is inclusive of all people from any part of India
  • To modify the network radius for an extended social interaction
  • Keeping up with the trendy social media news to make this platform more engaging
  • Develop an application optimized for local communities and empower them
  • To automatically perform certain functions like notifications or reading out the posts
  • Validating a post for its authenticity and paying rightful reward
  • To avoid misinformation and oblige by people's sentiments

Our Solutions

  • Leaders can take public opinion without incurring any operational expenses.
  • Users can vote, comment, and share issues/views posted on the timeline.
  • Posts get notified to elected representatives through SMS & E-mail.
  • Auto-network creation and auto-location shifting.
  • UTF functionality to post in English, Hindi & Native languages
  • Only registered users with a complete profile can claim the reward for posts
  • Testing to enhance the app's performance with Playstore deployment.

Benefits of the app

  • Democratizing social media for all, irrespective of their social status or profession.
  • The registered user is qualified to earn via a post on J-pulse, news, and issues as Rs.20, Rs.5, and Rs.5, respectively.
  • It has an inbuilt wallet system, and users can receive payment through UPI Account or Paytm wallet.
  • The application is free of cost and easy to use, for it has a user-friendly design.
  • Automatically changes the network when user location changes.
  • Integrated audio command to share voiceover messages and create posts
  • Breaking the stereotypes by using social media to govern people better.

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