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A central database with an intuitive UI keeps millions of inventory in an organized form.

  • Client- Sourcenet PRO
  • Industry- Business
  • Project Duration- 1 year
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About Sourcenet PRO

Sourcenet PRO keeps up-to-date information integrated from operational sources. It is designed with business intelligence (BI) tools that aid tactical decision-making. Developed for e-commerce websites, it helps manage its various business segments. So Sourcenet PRO digitally transforms the work, efficiently governs the inventory, and maintains competitive pricing through Price Spy. Its other crucial functions include real-time mega menu management, automated timed offerings, Fraudbot, daily scheduled notifications, warning emails, etc.

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Our Involvement

This project needed a data warehouse to perform complex queries on large data sets. Earlier, it was boring to scan through hundreds of excel sheets for millions of databases. We wanted to assist the team in managing multiple pages/parts and doing away with tedious excel files. Our solutions help businesses identify automated price offerings on various products, detect fraudulent orders through responsive Fraudbot, and much more.

We used DotNet MVC, C#, EF, LINQ, and EPPlus as the core technologies. Also, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript as the front-end technology stack. In addition to this, we used MS SQL as a database to ensure security and seamlessness in managing data. We built an application that facilitated a way to oversee complex data structure. We also presented the roles to export up-to-date data.

Approach, Methodology & Outcomes

Project Challenges

  • No automated solution for analyzing the current data.
  • Need for better visibility for comparing hardware, software & other products.
  • To modernize the business with Azure cloud database solution.
  • To boost the company for market readiness and competition.
  • Reports that can answer tactical questions like revenue earned or weekly sales.

Our Solutions

  • Extensive dashboard with tabular and visual presentations.
  • Automate timed offerings; backup and restore information
  • A visible and user-friendly intuitive UI for ease
  • Daily scheduled notifications and warning emails
  • An accessible inventory & data management platform.
  • Keeps a transaction system that tracks customer purchases.

Benefits of the app

  • Organize operational data for day-to-day functioning.
  • Help specify several specific tasks for the staff.
  • Complete product content and image optimization.
  • Synnex channel to perform tasks efficiently.
  • Automation of work with backup options.

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