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Once your product is developed, our well-supportive web maintenance team can help with your questions & emerging issues as well as develop & implement improvements.

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Just like any other technology, your products needs to be updated and maintained for most favorable performance. The technologies used to build your product or website or app change over time as novel features are added, bugs are resolved. Many products go unmaintained for being long time resulting into very much abridged performance, 404 errors, or other errors breaching major functionalities. We recognize issues of presentation, compatibility, & obsolete plug-ins & data sources for the current state of the product.

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Software application maintainence services

Our Application Maintenance Services
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As a leading software application maintenance company, we strive to combine the best-in-class application maintenance practices that promote optimal functioning of your business applications to ensure seamless process delivery. Our application maintenance services span from bug issues and task tracking to 3rd party maintenance & more. Take a detailed look into the prominent application maintenance services we offer:

OS & Server Migration

OS & Server Migration

We evaluate your business IT strategy, current resources, technologies, and further key aspects for IT revolution. We provide services like Linux to Windows migration, Operating system updates or Application server migration.

3rd Party Maintenance

3rd Party Maintenance

Our maintenance team employs an array of techniques for identifying issues in your application and provides technical support services like Technology advisory services, security support and compliance updates.

Bug Fixes & Task Tracking

Bug Fixes & Task Tracking

We make definite that your continuing task goes on and at the same time fix bugs of the stable application including audits, installation of tools and plugins, code standardization etc.

Application Maintenance

We take care of your digital products & also suggest you with the best matched platforms, versions and other version upgrades, monetization techniques and enhancements.

Devops Solutions

Devops Solutions

DevOps computerize software delivery processes and make sure the scalability and safety of startup as well as large organization infrastructure which includes testing and consulting services.

Pre-Support Audit

We pay special attention to start-ups and emerging companies giving you customized solutions to your business needs putting fast turnaround for your company.

Dedicated to Meet Challenges
Providing following types of services

Corrective Maintenance

We engage in bugs and warnings that obstruct the actual performance with the exact functionality of the applications, preventing arising of bugs. This also ;includes code optimization, restructuring and with its proper documentation.

Flexible maintenance

The team gear the alternates that aid the software/web/mobile app acclimatize to the changes in the background like for say updating an iPhone app which is already Live to make it functional well for the newly launched iOS version.

Planned maintenance

To upgrade & build your applications to perform in-line with the current, Up to date technologies, latest features with functions are put into practice in the UI/UX of the applications. Our services aids our clients to stay forward always.

Why Choose our Support
We are the single point for all of your apps and web/software needs.

When you work with a capable, experienced team, you will contain less things to care about and extra things to consider.

Quality service

We bring the top service excellence that enhances the worth of software or application, devoid of client trouble.

Resolving issues quickly

Our expertise and skill can examine and sort out issues 50% faster, that too solving problems in the very first attempt.

Worldwide reach

We propose our technical support and maintenance services in more than 50 countries covering various verticals.

Forward thinking

Strategize what further support can be essential after 6 months, we employ marvelous quantity of data & investigate to fix the issue.

Practical support

We proactively hold up your IT requirements in this progressive age and offer integrated support and with remote delivery.

24/7 Service

Working crossways in a range of time zones, we administer to be accessible to determine our client’s problems every time they necessitate us.

Our key benefits

Fast error resolutions

Being a professional team of developers we majorly understand that how lowering the operating expenses are one of the major goal for any business and so as for you. That’s why we work very hard to avail you the best quotes without being compromising with the quality of the work and support.

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  • Personal approach & 24/7 customer support
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